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Morelos Birthplace Museum

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

15 minutes from the Hotel (by car with normal traffic).

Morelia bears in its name a tribute to the leader José María Morelos y Pavón, Servant of the Nation and therefore a visit to the Morelos Birthplace Museum will not be missed.

The site, declared a national monument, dates from the seventeenth century, but was rebuilt in 1888. Today it houses a cultural site where the life and work of the caudillo are displayed. When touring its rooms, you will be able to observe a wide collection that includes engraved portraits of Morelos, also known as the Caudillo del Sur, as well as part of his belongings, highlighting the funeral mask, his military jacket and a fragment of the handkerchief with which they were covered. eyes on his execution. In addition, in the Natal House of Morelos lives the only robot in all of Mexico of a Hero of Independence who, in a small room that simulates his private study, tells visitors how he began in the fight for the Independence of the nation, without certainly, an incredibly didactic and educational experience for the little ones.

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