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Tarascas Fountain and the Callejón del Romance

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

15 minutes from the Hotel (by car with normal traffic).

Some beautiful women accompany the route of the Morelia aqueduct, specifically at the height of Francisco I. Madero street. We refer to the bronze sculptures that make up the emblematic Fountain "Las Tarascas."

It was made in 1984 by the sculptor José Luis Padilla Retana, it is believed that it represents the three Purepecha princesses Atzimba, Eréndira and Tzetzangari with their torso uncovered and carrying a pan full of fruits.

A few steps away, not far from the fountain, is the most romantic corner in the entire Historic Center of Morelia, the Callejón del Romance. This idyllic setting will leave you speechless with its fountains and lampposts that give it a somewhat picturesque touch.

As you walk through it, you will discover the reason for its name, because along its walls you will be able to read the verses from the poem “Romance de mi ciudad” by Don Lucas Ortiz. The people of Morelos say that if you write your name and that of your loved one on a red ribbon, tie it around a padlock and hook it to any of the doors, windows or lanterns inside the alley, their love will be eternal.

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